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Installation of a water fire extinguishing system is the process of installing system components that will be used to extinguish fires with water. Here are the basic steps that are usually included in the installation process:

Project preparation: Before starting installation, it is necessary to have a draft fire extinguishing system developed by engineers and approved by the competent authorities. This project defines the location of sprinklers, pipelines, pumps and other components.

Supply of equipment and materials: Necessary equipment and materials such as sprinklers, pumps, pipes, valves and connecting elements are delivered to the installation site.

Installation of sprinklers: Sprinklers are installed on the ceiling or walls according to the project. They must be installed taking into account the rules and regulations defining the distances between them and their location to ensure uniform coverage of the zone.

Installation of pipelines: After installation of sprinklers, installation of pipelines that connect them to the central water supply system begins. Pipelines are laid along ceilings or walls, ensuring the delivery of water to sprinklers.

Installation of pumps and valves: If the fire extinguishing system uses pumps to supply pressurized water, they are also installed and connected to the system. The valves control the flow of water and can be installed on key sections of pipelines to regulate water supply.

Connection to the central system: All system components, including sprinklers, pipelines, pumps and valves, are connected to the central control system or the central water supply system.

Testing and configuration: After installation is completed, the system is tested to verify its operability. During testing, the water supply, the operability of sprinklers and other components, as well as the correct operation of the control system are checked.

Documentation and training: Upon completion of installation, documentation on the fire extinguishing system is compiled, including drawings, specifications and certificates of conformity. Training of personnel on the rules of operation of the system and actions in case of fire can also be provided.

This is a general overview of the installation process of a water fire extinguishing system, which requires a professional approach and strict compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations.

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