Installation Installation and Maintenance of water fire extinguishing systems in Uzbekistan Tashkent

Water fire extinguishing systems

Our Company will design and install water fire extinguishing systems for your production or building

Advantages of water fire extinguishing:

» low cost;

» low cost of operation;

» firefighting of area, not volume;

» high extinguishing capacity of water;

» the ability to connect from mobile fire equipment;

» the possibility of combining with an internal fire – fighting water supply system;

» the surface temperature drops sharply, which makes further combustion impossible. gorenje;

» a cloud of water vapor creates a barrier that prevents oxygen from passing to the source of ignition – as a result, the flame is quickly localized and extinguished;

» Safety for humans is ensured due to the fact that, as a rule, no toxic substances are formed during the extinguishing process with water.

It was with the help of water that fires were extinguished even in ancient times, and modern technologies make it possible to use water more effectively to extinguish fires at various facilities.


The engineer’s visit to the facility is FREE of CHARGE!

Provision of guarantees from 1 year


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