МЧС Узбекистана

In Uzbekistan, fire safety is regulated by government agencies, in particular, the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This body is responsible for the development and implementation of regulations aimed at ensuring safety from fires and other emergencies. It also monitors compliance with these standards and conducts preventive work to prevent emergencies.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations performs the following functions:

1. Development of laws and regulations: The Ministry develops laws, rules and standards related to fire safety. They define fire safety requirements for various types of facilities, including residential buildings, businesses, public places, etc.

2. Control and supervision: The Ministry monitors compliance with laws and regulations in the field of fire safety. This includes checking facilities for the availability of appropriate equipment, installed fire extinguishing systems, trained personnel, etc.

3. Prevention and liquidation of emergency situations: The Ministry of Emergency Situations is engaged in carrying out preventive work aimed at preventing fires and other emergencies. In the event of a fire or other emergency, it organizes measures to eliminate them.

4. Education and training: The Ministry provides education and training for fire safety specialists, as well as informs the public about the rules of conduct in emergency situations and precautionary measures.

These functions help to ensure an effective fire safety system in Uzbekistan and protect the population and property from possible emergencies.