Installation Installation and Maintenance of powder fire extinguishing systems Uzbekistan Tashkent

Powder fire extinguishing systems

Our Company will design and install powder fire extinguishing systems for your production or building

Advantages of powder fire extinguishing:

» high fire extinguishing efficiency, due to the complete filling of the entire volume of the room with a powder extinguishing agent;

» not an expensive fire extinguishing agent;

» reduced harmfulness;

» surface and volumetric treatment;

» relatively inexpensive certified equipment for the storage and release of fire extinguishing agents in comparison with other modular fire extinguishing systems;

» the system is modular and does not require the installation of a centralized fire extinguishing pumping station, tanks, etc.;

» the system does not freeze.


The engineer’s visit to the facility is FREE of CHARGE!

Provision of guarantees from 1 year


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