Installation Installation and Maintenance of Gas fire extinguishing Systems Uzbekistan Tashkent

Gas fire extinguishing systems

Our company designs, installs, adjusts, tests, and maintains smoke removal systems in factories and private homes.

The use of gas fire extinguishing systems is recommended or regulated for such types of facilities:

» Premises where high-power electrical installations are used, industrial facilities.

» Data exchange centers, server rooms, electronic storage media.

» Mobile communication stations, radio and television centers.

» Control rooms that provide management of industrial facilities, the emergency shutdown of which can lead to serious consequences, for example, nuclear power plants, chemical production, etc.

Libraries, archives, and repositories of important documents on paper.

» Museums, art galleries, exhibition centers.

» Bank vaults.


The engineer’s visit to the facility is FREE of CHARGE!

Provision of guarantees from 1 year


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