Installation and Maintenance of fire extinguishing pumping stations Uzbekistan Tashkent

Fire extinguishing pumping stations

Our Company will design and install fire extinguishing pumping stations for your production or building

» Fire extinguishing pumping stations are special facilities designed to ensure the safety of people and preserve property in the event of a fire. They are an integral part of the fire extinguishing system and perform an important function – the supply of water to the place of ignition. The main element of the pumping station is a pump that is responsible for supplying water to the fire site. Pumps can be of various types – centrifugal, screw, piston, etc. The choice of pump depends on many factors such as power, performance, pressure, etc.

The engineer’s visit to the facility is FREE of CHARGE!

Provision of guarantees from 1 year


» We will examine » We will make up the technical specifications

» We will install the equipment  » We will set up

» We will give recommendations and a guarantee


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