Modules of autonomous fire extinguishing systems Tashkent Uzb

Autonomous fire extinguishing systems

An autonomous fire extinguishing system is usually made in the form of a separate module

We carry out the installation of Gas, Aerosol and Powder AUPTs:

» Gas AUPTS – are designed to successfully eliminate fires of classes A, B, C and E, but they are prohibited from extinguishing Class D fires, as well as self—igniting and internally smoldering fine substances and materials (porous and loose).

» Aerosol AUPT – Aerosols do not have a harmful effect on human health, and also do not harm material values. Due to this, aerosol AUPTS are successfully used to extinguish electrical equipment, vehicles, etc.

» Powder AUPT — All powders for extinguishing fires can be conditionally divided into general-purpose powders used to extinguish fires of categories A, B, C, and special-purpose powders, for example, for extinguishing electrical installations, alkali metals, lithium and sodium extinguishing, etc.

Autonomous fire extinguishing systems are used at such facilities as:

» in the halls of data centers and server rooms;

» in warehouses;

» in basements and on technical floors;

» in garages and cottages;

» in wells and cable ducts.

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