Автоматическая разблокировка системы контроля доступа (СКУД) в случае пожара

Automatic unlocking of the access control system (ACS) in case of fire is an important security measure to ensure the evacuation of people from the building. Here are a few ways this can be implemented:

1. Integration with the fire safety system: ACS can be integrated with the fire detection system. When smoke or heat sensors are triggered, the ACS automatically unlocks the doors, providing a free passage for evacuation.

2. Using emergency buttons or remotes: Installing emergency call buttons or remotes that can be activated in the event of a fire to instantly unlock all ACS doors.

3. Using backup power: It is important that the ACS has a backup power supply so that it can continue to function in the event of a power outage during a fire.

4. Mechanical unlocking systems: In the event of an electrical failure or other problems with automatic unlocking systems, it may be possible to manually unlock the doors using a key or other mechanical device.

These methods can be implemented depending on the specific needs and safety requirements of the building.

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